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Kerbal Space Program

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The first part of the sensational series was presented to users in early 2011. The game immediately attracted the attention of fantasy fans. Not surprising. Immediately after launch, the user can test himself as a constructor, navigator, and also a scientist who discovers the secrets of other worlds and thus helps his home planet.


The story begins on the distant planet Kerbal. Funny creatures live here, for which, like people, they are characterized by a craving for everything unknown, as soon as the Kerbals realized themselves and the fact that they cannot be the only intelligent race, scientists begin to plan the first expedition. To do this, you need to build a reliable ship, successfully fly and perform scientific research.

Novice spacefarers cannot cope with the task alone. A gambler comes to their aid. It is the player who will build the ship, navigate the flight, and also create a scientific base.

Kerbal Space Program is a simple yet fun game. At the same time, a distinctive feature of the program is the possibility of learning.

The game will allow you not only to mechanically press the buttons, but also to understand the structure of the ships and create your own unique technique. The user will be able to evaluate the result of efforts already during the first flight. The ship must not only be created, but also travel on it to a predetermined point.

You can control it with a regular mouse. The software is also available to users of modern computer gadgets.


There are several different ways for users to interact. The player can choose a “sandbox” and just have a good time creating spacecraft.

More interesting is the career mode. You need to improve your skills from level to level and demonstrate your skills in practice. Many gamers choose this format, because. it implies development.

Another popular option is missions. You need to consistently complete the tasks. The goals are not easy, but the more interesting the game. Even if the first time it was not possible to fulfill the plan, the user can always start the process from the very beginning. In the end, the player will succeed. The reward will be the joy of small aliens who will be able to take a fresh look at the world around them.

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