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Simple, but at the same time, quite a serious game. In it, each user will be able to try on the role of a brave space traveler.


After the launch of the program, a fan of space travel can get acquainted with the background. The gamer will have to deliver a lonely astronaut to his home planet. The compass was lost and you will need to focus on other indicators. The task is difficult, but not impossible. The main thing is not to give up, especially since the player is given an infinite number of attempts.

Management in the program is quite simple. You just need to use the basic arrows on the keyboard. Only luck, reaction and attention to what is happening on the screen will help a fan of the genre to achieve success. Hints will be constantly pop-up messages. Thanks to the text, the client will be able not only to understand where to move, but also what exactly the pilot of the ship feels at the moment.

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