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Kerbal Space Program Unblocked

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The first trial run of the software was free. However, given the growing interest of the audience in the comic simulator, the manufacturers have made access to the familiar game paid. Users took this fact negatively. In this regard, thanks to the efforts of specialists in Kerbal Space Program unblocked, you can play absolutely free.

Differences from the original software

A regular player will not notice any visible features. The user will be greeted by the usual menu of a standard set of tools, as well as interaction modes. The client can still choose a free existence (“sandbox”), mission format or career. Either way, the process will be fun.

The only key difference is the lack of payment requirements. The user just needs to go to the site and select the appropriate program for the game. Kerbal Space Program unblocked has passed the test and will not be able to do any harm to the computer gadget of a fan of the series.


This component has become the main advantage of the game. The client can fully realize his creative abilities and enjoy watching the result of his efforts on the screen. At the very beginning of the story, the gamer will become a constructor. His task is to assemble a reliable ship that can overcome interplanetary space and deliver the inexperienced inhabitants of Kerbal to a new planet.

If the landing is successful, the colonists will need a new residence. Providing them with resources and creating all the necessary conditions for life are the main goals of the player. The user acts not only as an assistant, but also as a creator who must control everything. His attention is demanded not only by everyday processes, but also by scientific research, which is of great importance for the original planet of Kerbals. With the help of the user, aliens will be able to realize their place in the vast universe.

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