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Kerbal Space Program 2023

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Employees of the company, inspired by the success of the original software product, intend to regularly delight fans of the series with new parts of the sensational game. So, in 2023, users can test their strength in the sequels to the popular Kerbal Space Program.

Features of the new part

Developers take into account the needs and wishes of users. The new part of the space simulator should fully satisfy the needs of the fan of the series and even exceed their expectations.

Clients will be provided with a more interesting set of tools (in particular, we are talking about parts and components for spacecraft), as well as resources. A more diverse set of materials will help make the life of the colonists more comfortable, which in turn will bring the gamer closer to his main goal – to complete a specific mission.

Gameplay Features

The plot component remained unchanged. The network user will have to provide all the necessary assistance online to small aliens who dare to explore the vast expanses of space. To begin with, the player will need to design a ship that can overcome interplanetary space, as well as deliver it safe and sound to its destination.

The task, which seems to be typical for such games, has its own difficulties. In particular, thanks to the efforts of the creators of the software, the player will not be able to act blindly. It is necessary to take into account the laws of physics and mechanics. Thus, the original development performs not only an entertaining, but also an educational function. In order for the user to receive more detailed information and the necessary knowledge, a separate mode was created. “Sandbox” offers the usual set of tools and at the same time does not limit the fan of the series in time, as well as in the number of necessary components and other materials.

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