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The first game in the Kerbal Space Program series was released in 2011. Over time, the usual game became incredibly popular, gained a lot of modifications and is still a favorite pastime of true fans of the genre.

The essence of the process

The action takes place in a non-existent universe. At the center of events is the world of cute green aliens who call themselves kerbals. The native planet eventually seems too close to them. The craving for experiments and scientific research pushes kerbals to prepare for a large-scale journey. This is where the gamer comes into play.
The player’s task is to help the aliens. To achieve their goal, the aliens need a ship, as well as the help of an experienced coordinator. The process steps are as follows:
• designing a ship for interstellar travel;
• flight and soft landing at the destination;
• performance of a specific task.

There are also several modes in the game. The user can choose the usual “sandbox”, career or scientific research. Each of them is attractive in its own way and will help the site visitor to have a good time helping naive aliens.

Control Features

Navigation is simple and will be intuitive even for beginners. In order to perform a certain task, the client only needs a computer or a pocket gadget. Before starting a global mission, you should take the time to play the sandbox mode.
It will help you get comfortable with the controls and quickly get into the gameplay. The sandbox has no time limits, as well as resources. All the characters on the screen have the maximum level of development and will help the user to bring the planned project to life within the shortest possible period of time.

Other modes have certain limitations and will require the gamer’s ingenuity and some experience. Difficulties in turn will make the gameplay more fun. Having achieved the desired goal, a fan of the series will be able to be proud of himself.

Developers are constantly working on improving their product. Players will not be bored. Each new part of the famous game offers a unique set of details and incomprehensible, at first glance, tasks. The more interesting the process. Apparently, this is why interest in the original series does not subside and the provider continues to create new products based on the original software.

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