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Kerbal Space Program 3

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Another part of the sensational game. The sequel did the seemingly impossible. The game again drew attention to the space simulator, fans of the series confirm this fact with numerous reviews. However, to make sure that the third part has exceeded all the expectations of gamers, it is enough just to play.

Plot component

The user can become the leader of a group of aliens who call themselves Kerbals. They live on a small planet that resembles the Earth in its characteristics. The race of “green” men, it would seem, does not need anything. However, at one fine moment, the inhabitants of the planet decide to create their own expedition and go to conquer space. There can be a huge number of obstacles along the way. To overcome them, they need a competent leader.

The gamer initially tries on the role of a constructor. His task is to create a unique, durable ship that can reach a predetermined point. The user can also try on the role of the navigator. At the same time, the main attention should be paid not only to flight. It is important to land the ship correctly. The object not only has to remain intact. From it, under the light of unfamiliar stars, his team should also come out.

After landing, the fun begins. The gamer must set up a new camp. Over time, a small settlement can turn into a colony. It all depends on the attention of the user, as well as on the amount of resources that he can get. It is important not only to get wood, ore and other materials for your use. It is necessary to distribute them between the main buildings and make the colony autonomous.


Each new series has certain features. The third Kerbal Space Program was no exception. The main differences can be noticed by every player who has already helped the unlucky inhabitants of Kerbal in previous series.

Attention should be paid to resources. A fan of simulators will have at their disposal new materials that will help make the life of the colonists more comfortable.

Separately, it is worth noting the technical equipment. We are talking about the resources needed to create a space unit. Even with the help of a standard kit, you can design a unique device that is quite capable of fulfilling its main function – to deliver the inhabitants of Kerbal to a new facility.

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