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Kerbal Space Program 2

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The success of the first part stimulated the creators. The provider has developed the second part of the sensational game, which may become even more popular over time.

Game process

The gamer acts as an assistant who tries to solve the problems of the inhabitants of the cozy planet Kerbal. Cute aliens are trying to conquer space. To do this, they need ships and an experienced navigator.

New planets also require exploration. To do this, you need to create colonies and provide residents with all the necessary resources. This is what the user has to do. The player needs to find resources, as well as correctly distribute them among the objects in need. Achievement of a certain goal will be a victory.

There are still 3 modes left. The simplest is the standard sandbox. More complex and at the same time interesting are careers and missions. They are mainly addressed by lovers of quests. Performing the task with a fairly simple set of management tools is a real pleasure.


The sequel has a lot of differences from the original software. If in the first part the players were left alone with the cold space, then in the second part several fans of the Kerbal Space Program can enter the game at the same time.

The multiplayer mode is not the only addition to the game. New engine modifications have become available to gamers. Thanks to this, it is possible to create unique and at the same time more powerful spacecraft. There are no limits to experimentation and fantasy. The main thing is reliability and achievement of the goal.

Another good addition was the variety of resources. With their help, you can provide the basic needs of new settlers. Aliens will be able to build new buildings under the guidance of the user, which means scientific and research goals will be achieved faster.
The graphics have also been upgraded. However, a fan of the series will not notice global changes. The company’s administration put the main effort into creating a more convenient menu, as well as a set of management tools.

Despite minor differences in management, users still appreciated the efforts of the provider. The game has become even more popular, and the developers have received a new incentive to move on.

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